Partner Services 

Expand Your Business Opportunities by Partnering with Zee Funding

Whether you are an equipment vendor, broker, or independent sales organization, you understand that your sales depend on your customer’s ability to access working capital. The Zee Funding Partner Programs offer your customers access to financing that helps you generate revenue, and affords a generous commission for simply providing a service to your customers.

At Zee Funding we have helped thousands of businesses in hundreds of different industries with a variety of financing solutions, we understand that every business and every customer has unique needs. For this reason, we offer the following partner programs:

ISO Program

Build stronger relationships with your small business customers, and receive a generous commission.

Referral Program

Introduce Zee Funding to your clients and benefit from our generous referral program.

Work with us, grow your business, and help your customers. We are always looking for new partners to bring financial power to small businesses.